CNK3301 Water Pump to Lower Hose Adaptor Kit Fiat 450 540 640 900 Tractor

One New Water Pump to Lower Hose Connector Kit for
Fiat 450, 466, 480 Tractor
Fiat 500, 540, 550, 566 Tractor
Fiat 600, 640, 666 Tractor
Fiat 766 Tractor
Fiat 880/5 Tractor
Fiat 900, 980 Tractor
Fiat 1000, 1000S, 1180, 1380 Tractor
This offer is for one new water pump connector kit our part no. CNK3301
early water pumps on some tractors had a cast inlet spout
- when installing our water pump WPM3304 on earlier tractors
- this kit adds the spout at the water pump inlet
- the spout, bolts, spring washers, and gasket are supplied

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