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IH10 Workshop Manual International IH W400 W400D Tractor can use for A554 564


One New Intertech Workshop Manual for

- USA Built International Harvester IH Agricultural Farm Tractor Models
- International IH 300, 300 Utility, 350D, 350D Utility Tractor
- International IH 400, 400D, W400, W400D Tractor
- International IH 450, 450D, W450, W450D Tractor


- for
- series 300, 300HC, 300U with C169 gasoline engine
- series 350, 350HC, 350U with C175 gasoline engine
- series 350D, 350DHC, 350DU with D193 diesel engine
- series 400, 400HC, W400 with C264 gasoline engine
- series 400D, 400DHC, W400D with D264 diesel engine
- series 450, 450HC, W450 with C281 gasoline engine
- series 450D, 450DHC, W450D with D281 diesel engine
- General service data - tune-up specs - sizes capacities & clearances
- tightening torques plus - service repair and overhaul info
- arranged in the following sections
- belt pulley - brakes - carburetor - clutch - cooling system - diesel fuel system
- differential - engine - final drive - front axle - governor - hydraulic lift - power steering
- power take-off - rear axle - steering gear - torque amplifier - transmission

- Regarding Australian series A554 and 564 with AC264 petrol and AD264 diesel engine
These tractors used Australian made engines and drivetrains that differ in some respects to their USA counterparts - for example the USA D264 diesel engine starts on petrol and then changes over to diesel and has a 5 main bearing crank - while the Australian AD264 version starts and runs on diesel and has a 3 main bearing crank - this book covers the final versions of the USA W series tractor, W400 & W400D being the closest to the Australian tractors - the Geelong built tractors also sourced components from UK B450 series, and included lots of Australian content - Australian owners, repairers and operators who use this manual as a resource or reference for service operations must keep in mind that these differences exist, but until a better value for money book is available - for these Australian tractors this is the closest book that can be supplied

INTERTECH -The preferred line of tractor repair manuals for over 40 years
- Written for the experienced mechanic by professionals
- 78 pages in easy-to-use format for quick and handy reference
- Includes numerous photos, illustrations and exploded views
- Published by: Intertech USA - ISBN 0-87288-102-4


- Use the black tab to select the section applicable to your tractor
- Here important info about your tractor is followed by an index
- This is a paragraph index which cross references the service operation to your tractor model
- Once you have established the starting paragraph number
- look through the manual for the paragraph number you require
- The paragraphs also have model application notes to confirm you are at the right location
- All illustrations are fully referenced in the paragraph text
- Condensed service data is allways found after the index
- Service data includes: specifications, clearances, capacities & tensions

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