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FO44 Workshop Manual Ford 1300 1700 1900 Tractor & 1210 1310 1510 1710 1910 2110


One New Intertech Workshop Manual for

Ford 1100 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LEK752C2 Engine
Ford 1110 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LEK757C Engine
Ford 1200 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LEK802D Engine
Ford 1210 Tractor with IHI Shibaura S723 Engine
Ford 1300 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LEK802D Engine
Ford 1310 Tractor with IHI Shibaura S753 Engine
Ford 1500 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LET862C Engine
Ford 1510 Tractor with IHI Shibaura K773 Engine
Ford 1700 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LE892 Engine
Ford 1710 Tractor with IHI Shibaura H843 Engine
Ford 1900 Tractor with IHI Shibaura LEM853 Engine
Ford 1910 Tractor with IHI Shibaura T853A Engine
Ford 2110 Tractor with IHI Shibaura T854B Engine

CONTENTS - General service data - tune-up specs - sizes capacities & clearances - tightening torques - plus - service repair and overhaul info - arranged in the following sections - brakes - clutch - cooling system - diesel fuel system - differential - electrical system - engine - final drive - front axle and steering (2WD and 4WD) - hydraulic system - power take-off - transmission

INTERTECH -The preferred line of tractor repair manuals for over 40 years - Written for the experienced mechanic by professionals - 118 pages in easy-to-use format for quick and handy reference - Includes numerous photos, illustrations and exploded views - Published by: Intertech USA - ISBN 0-87288-433-3

FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT QUICKLY IN ANY INTERTECH MANUAL - Use the black tab to select the section applicable to your tractor - Here important info about your tractor is followed by an index - This is a paragraph index which cross references the service operation you want to perform against your tractor model - Once you have established the starting paragraph number, look through the manual text for the paragraph you require - The paragraphs also have model application notes to confirm you are at the right location - All illustrations are fully referenced in the paragraph text - Condensed service data is allways found after the index including: specifications, clearances, capacities & tensions

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